Lenovo Laptop Deals

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13-inch

    Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13-inch Laptop Review, Specs and Price

    Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is the mid range business laptop. There are multiple models available with price ranging from $579 to $759. The big price difference is because of the processor – the low end model comes with AMD processor whereas high end model runs on Intel Core 2 Duo processors....
  • Lenovo G560

    Lenovo G560 Review, Specs and Price in India

    Lenovo G560 is a mid range multimedia laptop for daily computing purpose. It comes with Windows 7 operating system and nVidia graphics card in the top end model. Lenovo G560 Features OneKey™ Rescue System lets you restore your system and recover valuable data from a virus attack or crash...
  • Lenovo G555

    Lenovo G555 Review, Specs and Price in India

    Lenovo G555 is a 15-inch widescreen display laptop that runs on AMD processors and Windows 7 operating system. The laptop comes with 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive space for storing a lot of music and videos. Lenovo G555 Price – Deals@Amazon Lenovo G555 is available at a price...